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Brandy Vintage Armagnac and Newspaper

Brandy Vintage Armagnac and Newspaper


We have selected an Armagnac from Baron de Lustrac - winner of many awards at the International Spirits Challange a Londres and a top pick of Andreas Larsson, the world best sommelier in 2007. The old brandies are made entirely from grapes harvested in the one particular year and is an excellent example of a fine after dinner drink sought after by connoisseurs, but is also valuable as a collectors item. The brandy, which is a minimum of 25 years old, has the reputation of being the finest brandy produced in the world, is paired beautifully with an original British newspaper from your chosen date and presented in a sumptuously lined black gift box. This newspaper is sourced from Britain's largest archive of National papers, the dates of which go back to the 1900s. Give your brandy connoisseur a history lesson with their drink, allowing them a window to the past. Whether this is for an anniversary, where they can view the news from their wedding date; or the original paper from the day they were born; the recipient of this premium gift can reminisce with a fine drink of the highest quality.


Give them a piece of their past, paired with a fine bottle of top shelf Armagnac

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