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Confectionery Letterbox Gift

Confectionery Letterbox Gift


Full to the brim with sweet treats including popping candy, Blackjacks, Refreshers and a Cadbury's Curlywurly, this divine confectionery letterbox gift is a sweetie lover's paradise!


Cadbury Curlywurly 26g 8 x Candyland Black Jack Candyland Dip Dab 23g Candyland Flumps 12g Candyland Refreshers 34g 2 x Fizz Wiz Super Loud Strawberry Flavour Popping Candy Giant Love Hearts 39g Nestle Caramac 30g Nestle Milkybar Buttons 30g Nestle Rolos 52g Swizzels Matlow Double Dip 19g Swizzels Matlow Rainbow Drops 32g Decorative Letterbox Carton

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