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Lego Black Panther Super Heroes

Lego Black Panther Super Heroes LEGO 76100


Win the ultimate battle and pit Black Panther and Nakia against super villains Killmonger and Ulysses Klaue with this awesome LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes set, which includes Royal Talon Fighter Attack. There are four cool LEGO minifigures with weapons in this This Marvel Black Panther movie Lego set. Four minifigures - Black Panther, Nakia, Ulysses Klaue. Weapons include Nakia's 2 disc blades, Killmonger's flick missile shooter and Ulysses Klaue's ultrasonic robotic hand. The ancient mask-shaped Royal Talon Fighter features an opening minifigure cockpit, rear prison compartment to trap a minifigure and 2 stud shooters. Killmonger's mask element also included. Recreate scenes from the Marvel Super Heroes Black Panther movie. Royal Talon Fighter measures over 2” (7cm) high, 8” (21cm) long and 6” (16cm) wide.


Mini figures, weapons and buildings

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