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Colorful Carbon Steel Swallow Style Flying Kite Outdoor Sports Game

Colorful Carbon Steel Swallow Style Flying Kite Outdoor Sports Game


Looking for things to do on the weekend? Go and fly a kite! Kite flying is one of the most popular traditional sports in China, the word kite, or Feng Zheng in Chinese, originated in China and has been praised as the forerunner of modern aircraft. It is a funny outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. Do you want to fly kites with your families on windy days? Come on and try this swallow style kite for your entertainment.Main Features:- Flying steadily in the breeze- Easy to carry and convenient to use- Unique colorful swallow kite, beautiful and classic- Made of polyester material, not easy to be broken- Suitable for flying in the open area, such as park, beach, grassland- 2 sizes optional. Note: colors will be sent at random. Suitable for those aged 6 years and older. For this kite, we recommend proper supervision.


Swallow Kite

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